About football and gold-diggers

Renato "Gaúcho" Portaluppi

Renato "Gaúcho" Portaluppi

Renato “Gaúcho” Portaluppi was a successful Brazilian footballer in the 80’s and early 90’s. He played for the Brazilian National Team and for important sides both in Brazil (Grêmio, Flamengo, Cruzeiro, among others) as well as abroad (Roma). Also, he’s been working as a coach since 1996. Undoubtedly, the status of being a famous athlete made it easier for him with all kinds of women and he is very likely to be Brazilian football’s greatest womanizer of all times.  In an interview conceded to ESPN Brasil’s magazine last April, he didn’t refuse to talk about his scoring – off the pitch, of course. Portaluppi’s most meaningful quotes follow below.

Kuyt partying in Rio after the match against Uruguay

“I always tell my players to be careful with women. I don’t obviously mean all of them, but nowadays they want a footballer or a singer to get them pregnant because they know they’ll have a good financial life” (Renato Gaúcho)

Renato Gaúcho seems to be worried about his players’ social life. He’s not the first and won’t be the last Brazilian coach to do that because footballers have been an obvious golddiggers’ target since football, in its highest level, became an excellent source of income. So, footballers (and all kinds of successful men), should be able to easily identify the woman who they are hanging out with.

"I've gotten five thousand women into bed"

"I've gotten five thousand women into bed"

“I always tell my players: ‘they (gold-digging women) want to be banged, so the footballer must get them laid’” (Renato Gaúcho)

Portaluppi doesn’t want that his players stay away from the world around them. Being able to identify the lady in front of them is important to give her the treatment she really deserves. If she happens to be a gold-digger, it’s intelligent to have her just for one night.

Many Brazilian footballers have made the mistake of leading a serious relationship with seeking for money women. The mechanism of such involvement is basically the same every time: after some period, the woman wants to get divorced in order to receive half of her ex-husband’s property. As the Brazilian law is protective of women even when they misbehave, the gold-diggers take advantage of that and guarantee a comfortable standard of living for the rest of their lives, while football players – who sometimes don’t prepare themselves for life after football – go through dire days of high expenses and low wage.

Adriano chilling out at the beach


“Up to now, my wife sees what goes on. When I’m with her at a restaurant, I gotta sit down in a position which nobody can see me because suddenly there’s a table with a girl showing interest to me. She realized by herself that it isn’t easy” (Renato Gaúcho)

Although many believe feminism put male and female on opposite sides, it is commonplace to see two ladies competing in whatever you might think. Decent women also suffer from gold-diggers’ attitudes and what happens to Renato’s wife while going out with her husband exemplifies it.

She is challenged even when she’s physically present, so it’s possible to infer that some women don’t care whether a footballer is married or not; they don’t care whether he is a family man or not; also, they don’t care about sharing this man with other ladies because, at the end of the day, what really matters is how much a provider has to offer.

Heitinga partying in Rio after the match against Uruguay

Both professional footballers and regular men can learn from the advices of one of the icons of Brazilian football. According to them, a man is meant to enjoy life and celebrate everything he’s gotten through his hard work without depriving himself of what he likes, but it’s fundamental to know how to differ an interesting woman from an interested one – can you do it?

Maracanazo 2014 hopes Renato Gaúcho keeps on doing a good job as a coach and congratulates him on his useful teachings and on his great career as a player.


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