Where violence is cheap


Last week in São Paulo, Chilean playmaker Valdivia and his wife were victims of kidnapping express, a sort of crime that has annoyingly been occuring on a daily basis throughout Brazil. If it happened two or three decades ago, perhaps he would be set free for being a celebrity, but nowadays any one can suffer from it in the samba boys’ country. Anyway, what really drew Maracanazo 2014’s attention was the way which Brazilian media and football fans regarded at this incident: plenty of folks believed he set up the whole thing!

Valdivia is on his second spell at Palmeiras ( one of the most popular Brazilian teams with an estimated 15 million fan base ) and he isn’t making it now as before, what led Porco supporters, reporters and even the local police to think that he made it believe in order to facilitate a probable exit from the club. Very few ones put emotions aside and stopped to think of the dire straits he went through, once that the kidnapper aimed a gun at him and also sexually assaulted his wife by touching her breast. What could have caused such a biased view?

Despite the fact that Brazilians love criticizing their country among themselves, they don’t appreciate when foreigners do it. Cariocas (inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro) hate when somebody affirms that their city is too dangerous and their first reaction is to say that ‘every city in the world has its good and bad sides’. Dear Maracanazo 2014 reader, do you honestly deem that the images below could be seen in a city where there’s no war?

Children looking at a dead in Rio

Drug dealers destroyed a police helicopter in Rio

Not the first

It’s commonplace to presume that everybody is welcome in Brazil, though, the reality is that only Americans and West-Europeans are truely respected in the hosting country of 2014 FIFA World Cup. The point is that Valdivia, for being a South American, became one more foreginer who somehow suffered from the average Brazilian s’ mentality which is founded on Eurocentrism and devotion to the USA. He certainly would promptly be helped out if he were from Italy or from Texas, for instance.

Before moving to Brazil to play for Corinthians in 2006, Chilean goalkeeper Johnny Herrera heard from his colleague and countryman Nelson Tapia (that had been Santos FC keeper a year before) that Brazilians could be extremely impatient towards Chilean players. Later on, Herrera himself alleged that Tapia’s statement was right. Valdivia has never spoken up about it, however, during his first spell at Palmeiras, he took a long time to concede his first press conference because he wanted to speak accurate Portugueses to avoid further inconveniences. Although it’s hard to meet a Brazilian proficient in English, Anglophones can easily find someone willing to translate what they have to say.

Recent news

The police ended catching recordings showing that Valdivia’s version was true. The Chilean international decided to carry on his staying at Palmeiras. It seems that he will be alone in São Paulo City, given the fact his wife amd children are afraid of coming back to the greatest Brazilian city.

Maracanazo 2014 wonders what might happen to EVERYBODY that will have visited Brazil by June/July of 2014.


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